5 Reasons Why You Need A Juxt Pro


While there may have been many watches for men that have been launched in 2016, few match the innovation and tidiness of the new Juxt Pro Watch. This watch is one that exudes elegance and simplicity but also has a dedicated technological aspect that helps it be far superior to many of the other watches for men that have launched this year. Watch brands for men are many in number, but it is new entrants into the market such as the Juxt that are truly pushing the envelope in terms of what a watch can do. Here are 5 reasons that we feel that Juxt Pro makes for one of the top men's watches.

With the Juxt Pro, you are no longer restricted to just one dial per watch. The Juxt Pro gives you the option of choosing between 20 different watch faces, meaning that you could wear a stylish new look every day. Whether you are heading out for a business conference or for a high school reunion, the Juxt Pro ensures that you have the right dial for ever occasion and mood.

Though there are several other men's watch brands that have ventured into the space of activity tracking devices, the Juxt Pro does a great job of not restricting itself to the space of a fitness wearable. The Juxt Pro tracks activities such as counting the steps taken in a day, measuring calories burnt, and constantly keeps you motivated to achieve your fitness goals.

The Juxt Pro allows you to seamlessly sync with your smart phone to provide you with music at the touch of a finger. The Juxt Pro has a built in music app that allows you to create and navigate through playlists, store music, move between different tracks, and control your volume, ensuring that you never skip a beat, even when on the go. With so much you could already do with this watch, it's amazing that it can additionally serve as an entertainment system too!

In today's world, we all know the importance of keeping track of all the various things that happen in each one of our lives. The Juxt Pro provides enhanced notifications that allow you to not just read messages or scan emails but keep a tab on all your activities and notifications on social media such as Twitter and Facebook. You can also read text messages, and answer or mute calls. The Juxt Pro app can customize your notification so you can receive exactly the ones you want.

The Juxt Pro allows you to sync to your calendar so that you always know what is coming up. It additionally allows you to add, delete, or view upcoming events with ease and get reminders sent to your watch on time. This means that you never have to miss an appointment ever again!