5 Finelycrafted Luxury Watches You Can Gift On The New Year Eve


New Year comes with new hopes and dreams. It is true that time flies away, and you can also fly higher with it. Making resolutions and maintaining them throughout the year is a tough task. For this, you have to be the man of every moment. Every celebration makes the ambience happier. Exchanging gifts is considered as sharing love and happiness with loved ones. When it comes to giving something special to your close people, nothing can be more beautiful than a watch. It is a timeless greeting that embraces the wrists of the people close to your heart. Here a list of luxury watches that add a touch of love to your emotion.

Luxury watches are the piece of fine craftsmanship. Through each detailing, you can experience the aesthetic appeal of the artists. These watches not only elevate the fashion of the wearers, but they also bring out their personality very well.

Omega Constellation – An ageless Beauty to Behold:

The name Constellation speaks everything about the brand. Omega always presents the beauty of the craftsmanship through the watches. The legendary style and magnificent art works win the hearts of watch lover. This timepiece cherishes the brand's thrilling innovation through its designs. The 27mm blue dial reflects the vastness of the sky and the diamonds are embossed like stars. This watch is designed for women's fashion. Through this watch, the brand also rejuvenates the design of its magnificent 'Griffes' jewellery. Gift this watch to your loved on this New Year day and promise to never leave her alone.

Longines La Grande Classique L4. – Open up your heart:

Longines always follows its slogan – 'Elegance is an Attitude' through the watches. This La Grande Classique also portrays the same thought through its detailing. This fine craftsmanship represents the gracefulness of women that is intensified with 24mm black dials. The sparkle of the watches is exuded from the diamonds dotted the minute marker of the watch. The sleek and eloquent hands beautify the complete design of the timepiece. The silver bezel circles the dial in a way that it radiates the aesthetic appeal of the watchmaking. If you beloved loves a classy collection, this watch cuddles her wrist in a magnificent way.

Rado Coupole R22861165 – cheer for the detail-free styling:

Simple things attract more and this Rado watch does the same. Having nothing elevated in design, this watch still makes a strong place in the hearts of watch enthusiasts. This watch is specially designed for men's trend that conveys the notion of the generation – say yes to the detail-free fashion. The 38mm black dial render the marvellous crafting greyish stripes. The dial itself presents a play of colours that expresses the artistic style of the brand. Each detail sets a rhythmic note of watchmaking that can be felt by the wearer while wearing this watch on the wrist. The rose gold hands and indexes complement each detailing of the craftsmanship. The black leather strap gives this watch a handsome appeal.

TAG Heuer Connected SAR8A80.FT6045 – for the Smarter generation:

It is time to welcome a happy year with a positive note. Gifting on this eve brings big smiles on someone very special to you. If he loves gadgets and technology, you can surprise him with a TAG Heuer Connected watch. It is more a smart piece than just a time machine. The watch comes with extraordinary functions that allow you to handle an array of tasks through your watch. You can get social media notifications, receive/dismiss calls, and read emails from your watch. Added to this, you can easily connect this watch with your smartphones and operate functions like controlling music and reading the weather forecast. The 46mm black dial comes with the different watches faces that break the monotony and give you a new look every time you wear the watch.

Tissot Chemic Des T099.407.36.038.00 – Go with the Trend:

This new year, do something creative that is hard to define easily. This timepiece is also hard to express its crafting style in words. Having an amazing blend of the modern style and the traditional appeal, this watch states a fusion fashion that is the trend of the time. You can gift this watch to the person who loves to live an unpredictable life. The 42mm dial brings out its confident look through rose gold hands and indexes. The dial is circled with the rose gold bezel that is handsomely attached with a dark brown leather strap.

Here top 5 luxury watches are mentioned that can be a perfect gift for this New Year. While some watches invoke the classic charm, some bring in a fresh fashion.