5 Best Chronograph Watches From Omega Speedmaster Collection


Omega is synonymous to magnificence in terms of watch making. It was initiated as La Generale Watch Co. in 1848 by Louis Brandt at La Chaux – de – Fonds. Brandt became famous for gathering parts from local craftsmen and making key – wound pocket watches and retailing them to Scandinavia from Italy.

It was in 1894 that his two sons, Louis – Paul and Cesar made a revolutionary in – house watch making and entire production regulating system that permitted its component portions that were able to be interchanged. After the success of Omega as a brand, the company changed the name to Omega in 1903. It was after the two Brandt brothers death in 1903 that Paul – Emile Brandt took charge of the company.

Paul was the main builder of Omega brand and the person whose decisions impacted the brand for over the next half – century. His hard working ability made the company overcome the financial crunch caused due to the First World War. Omega was unified with Tissot in 1925 and in 1930 was merged with SSIH, Geneva. From 1955 the SSIH Group consistently continued to rise and multiply its business due to the efficient leadership capability of Brandt and Reiser.

The brand has been the official timekeepers for the combat units of Britain's Royal Flying Corps. Omega watches were selected by NASA for their first lunar mission in 1969. It also supplied the official timekeeping tool of the Olympic Games since 1995. Famous personalities like John F. Kennedy, Prince William, George Clooney and many more have worn the Omega watches. Currently, it is owned by the Swatch Group.

Among its various collections, Speedmaster is one of the popular. It contains wonderful men's and women's watches with astonishing features like Chronograph.

Witness the unmatchable beauty with Speedmaster Moonwatch 311.

This chronograph enabled men's watch is an ultimate pleasure to the watch admirers. Its black dial with the combination of brown leather strap makes it outstanding, while its water resistant function makes it more lasting.

Enhance success with Speedmaster 327.

This brilliant chronograph built men's model looks great with its two tone strap and grey dial. Its silvery two hands and three sub – dials intensifies its grandeur. The stainless steel body makes it strong and durable.

Uniqueness intensified with Speedmaster Moonwatch 311.

This outstandingly built men's model looks just amazing with its exciting functions like Moon Phase, Analogue, Tachymeter and others. The entire black appearance of the watch intensifies its elegance. Its sapphire crystal glass and black leather strap gives it longevity.

Feel the classy flavour with Speedmaster Moonwatch 311.

This chronograph enabled model has features like co-axial chronometer, date display, automatic movement and others. The combination of blue dial and blue bezel makes it classy, while its steel base makes strong. Its water resistant feature makes it durable.

Experience the emphatic touch of vigour with Speedmaster 331.

This Speedmaster piece is embedded with features like co-axial chronometer, chronograph, date display and luminous hand. Its steel body makes combines with stainless strap to produce a flavour of masculine toughness and vigour. The silvery bezel protects it from heat, while its sapphire crystal glass provides safety from getting scratches. Its water resistant quality gives it shield from water and makes durable.