5 Basic Tips About Stainless Steel Rings


A popular fashion accessory is stainless steel jewelries; many people prefer this type of jewelry because it is resistant to corrosion. Its bright silver nature makes it an accessory that suits almost every outfit. The jewelry is made from an alloy of iron, carbon and a mixture of other metals (hence called “stainless”), its passive nature makes it extremely resistant to oxidation or tarnish. Stainless steel jewelries can be used to make necklaces, rings, ear rings, bracelets, men's jewelries, piercings, and other accessories. Common designs of stainless steel jewelries include dog tags (military style necklaces), hearts, and ID bracelets.

There are five basic tips to bear in mind about stainless steel rings, they include the following;

  1. Different types of stainless steel rings are made from stainless steel. They come in various designs. There are also various sizes and patterns to ensure that people of all sizes get their choice of accessory.Popular designs of rings made of stainless steel include heart, crucifix, some have names or signs engraved in them, and many more. Such jewelries are produced in a variety of colors by anodizing the stainless steel. Stainless steel is strong, thus rings made from it are strong, and the shape remains intact regardless of wear and tear imposed by the external environment.
  2. It can be used for piercings;stainless steel rings with a reduced percentage of Nickel are the most suitable. Such metals resist tarnish in an environment with low oxygen. Not all steel piercings can be worn for a long duration of time. Experts in jewelries used for piercings have advised people to use piercings made using 326LVM, this is because this type of jewelry reduces the chances of the development of an irritation or infection after piercing the skin. The 326 LVM piercing has a metal with a smooth surface. When the piercings have totally healed you can choose piercings with a body made of steel.

4. Men's rings are most often made from stainless steel due to the high strength and reduced cost. This makes it cost effective to make bulky and larger styles of masculine rings.

5. It is not advisable to purchase rings with an apparent weak point or visible tendency to break.There are so many things to look-out for when it comes to purchasing rings made of stainless steel to ensure a reasonable durability. For instance, wedding rings made from stainless steel are expected to be durable. It is best to look out for wedding rings with a smooth surface and rim that is slightly domed. The ring should be free of burrs, points or rough edges.