4 Tips For Choosing The Best Diamond Wholesaler


If you're buying diamonds for gemstones and jewellery purposes, the valuation of the stones will depend on various factors. Diamond wholesalers from across the world have to keep up to various international regulations and certificate standards to deal in commercial diamonds.

With the invention of factory manufactured artificial diamonds, even the best diamond wholesalers have to be transparent about the source and grade of their products.

Also, illegal 'Conflict' diamonds from East Africa get mixed with certified stones; which is a major ethical issue in the jewellery market!

Here are 4 valuable tips to choosing certified diamond wholesalers:

#1: Pricing and Valuation The price of a cut diamond for gemstone purposes is vastly different from industrial diamonds. Both Artificial and Naturally mined stones are used in jewellery, and the prices depend on the source as well as the polishing and grading.

International valuation standards are determined according to various elements like clarity and quality of the gemstone; as well as the craftsmanship of the polishing process. The best diamond wholesalers only sell stones that are guaranteed to be of a certain certifiable 'Grade'. The pricing and valuation process depends on this 'Grading' process.

#2: Reliability of The Gemstone – Diamonds are expensive, but the grading system is non-linear. Gold is a precious metal traded in the international market for jewellery / investment purposes; but remember that 100 gms of pure gold has a fixed price which moves along with the economy according to varying prices in various countries.

A diamond is graded according to various aspects of the gemstone's natural qualities AND the craftsmanship of the polishing. Certified diamond wholesalers and merchants have to ensure that the prices and valuation follows the set international standards. Smaller merchants may be over-pricing stones, or you may end up paying much more for ordinary quality diamonds.

#3 Investment Factors – Diamonds are often bought as an investment other than for jewellery purposes. They are also among the few known gemstones to have a resale value, but dealing in gemstones is extremely critical. The best diamond wholesalers are also often the people who would 'Buy – Back' loose diamonds which have been bought for investment purposes.

#4 Trading is Extremely Difficult – Precious minerals and metals like Gold, Silver, or Diamonds are sold as investment AND commercial commodities, but trading in them is different from other 'consumable' products. Jewellery and Gemstones are difficult to trade in because they are valued differently across countries.

Certified and reliable diamond wholesalers will have the necessary reputation to not only sell diamonds in the retail market; but also be recognized by international gemology authorities who determine the pricing and valuation of diamonds as commercial commodities!