4 Omega Watches That Are Really Vigorous


Here is the list where you can find some exciting watches from Omega:

1. Omega Seamaster Diver – Extremely tough:

This hardy timepiece from the Omega Seamaster collection is created specifically for underwater sports persons. It can sustain below 300 meters under water with its water resistance function. Its steel case makes it strong and dazzling at the wrist of a watch user. Its superior crafting makes it different than others. 41 mm case of this watch has a round pattern. The deep black dial of this model has silvery hands to tell time consistently. Time pointers are placed within intervals of 5 minutes. Date display is positioned at the right part of the watch dial, so that it can be noticed by the user easily.

Seamaster is one of the prestigious collections belonging to Omega. All of the Seamaster watches are very connected to the sports personalities due to their active functionalities. The mentioned watch has features like co-axial chronometer that is the exclusive one launched by Omega to make their watch precise to the highest level. Sapphire glass is the scratch resistant watch cover that protects the model from scratches, while the automatic movement helps the watch to keep time with utmost perfection. All these functions accumulate to make the piece run consistently in any tough situation.

2. Omega Speedmaster 311. – Speeding like a racer:

This is really a masterpiece from the Speedmaster collection. It has a strong appearance that echoes the robust strength of sports persons like racers and others. It is among those watches built by the brand that carries an unmatched heritage – the first watch on the Moon. So this model is named as “Moonwatch”. It never fails to give the exact time, because it is made of hardy steel that makes the watch very effective. Its round shaped dial has been polished with black so that brings a tough military-like essence.

Its stainless steel band accentuates well with the case and other parts so that it does not get loose from the wrist of the wearer. Scratch resistant sapphire crystal glass fuses with the water resistance and allows it to boost its working capacity. There are features like chronograph, luminous hands and tachymeter scale in this model. Chronograph measures the speed of time and is placed inside the watch dial. Tachymeter scale resides on the rim like bezel. This function is available in sports watches. Sports person use this feature and rotates it to get their desired time. Luminous hands glow at the wrist of the user. The watch dial has been outline with the mixture of red and white and looks like a chequered flag. It helps to enhance the look of the piece. There are three crowns placed consecutively at the right side of the bezel. They have different functions and integrate to give a good result. With the two years warranty from Omega, this watch is sure to work for a long time.

3. Omega Constellation – Quality fused with beauty:

Really a pleasuring timepiece from the Constellation family, this particular watch has all the things to satisfy the taste different watch users. Its purple coloured strap has been made of flexible leather that blossoms at the wrist of a wearer. This wonderful is ideal at the wrist of a dignified lady. To intensify its glamour, precious diamonds have been studded on the dial.

Its sparkling 35 mm case is made by sturdy steel to help the watch work with full of energy and make it bold like an athlete. Along with it, the sapphire crystal glass cover and water resistance function combine to make the watch work without any flaw and sustain in any condition. Quartz movement has been offered with this particular piece. It records the most precise time. The date window is positioned at the bottom of the well dressed watch dial. It is an ideal match for a beautiful woman watch user.

4. Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra – Active and rich:

When we see Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra watches, the first thing that comes to our mind is their apex quality and the next comes their unmatched performance. This particular watch from the Seamaster line is sure to attract you with its top level functioning. Manufactured basically for lavish and stylish men.This watch can run on any complex circumstance with the help of its hard steel material. Steel is a solid substance, so it helps to make the watch very durable.

The trademark co-axial chronometer of this piece enhances its accuracy and also intensifies its gesture. Its silvery bezel glorifies the wrist of a user. Strong and flexible leather strap is coloured in brown. It holds the watch properly and resists risks. Water resistance function is offered with this watch within a distance of 150 meters. Its automatic movement always keeps the accurate time.