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Different Types Of Pave Diamond Bands

Pave diamond engagement rings are made up of small stones, diamonds, covering the whole metal surface of the ring. Small prongs are used to hold these stones together. Thus, the metal is not visible and thus, the ring looks as if it is made entirely from diamonds only. There are two different PaveSettings, full pave… Read More »

Why Radiant Cut Diamond Is Gaining So Much Popularity

A radiant cut diamond has turned into an immensely popular choice for engagement rings. This cut was created in 1977 by Henry Grossbard. It has nicely calculated step cuts akin to Asscher and Emerald Cuts yet the wonderful cut are blended well into this cut style which offers it the utmost shine. No wonder this… Read More »

How To Look Beyond With Bling Hoop Earrings

Large earrings are typically worn to attract attention and to showcase one's wealth, but beyond these reasons, they can make a meaningful style statement-especially when they come with bling. Diamond encrusted hoop earrings are the ultimate style statement and expression of the wearer's individuality and style. They may seem gaudy at first, but wearing them… Read More »

Where Can You Purchase Unique Handmade Jewelry

Are you looking for some unique handmade jewelry to purchase? If so, there are some different places that you will be able to get it. There are various types of jewelry but it always looks like everybody is wearing the same thing. If you are somebody who don't like to have the same look like… Read More »

How To Choose An Anklet For Your Lady

Among the different kinds of fashion jewelry items, that you could look at for your lady love, how about an anklet? These are delicate and ornamental jewelry that are usually worn around the ankle of the foot, either on both legs or only on one leg. These are akin to bracelets for the hand, but… Read More »