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Earrings An Obsession With Style

When talking about the right accessories sometimes we incline towards the safe ones and ear jewellery does just that for us. The things about earrings is how they enhance the entire look and need very little to go along with, for the classy quirky fashion-istas obsessed with style earrings are saviors'. With more and more… Read More »

Michael Kors Black Silicone Strap MK8152 Mens Watch

The Michael Kors Black Silicone Strap MK8152 Mens Watch timepieces are so favoured among men as quick-grab, on-the-go functional dressing accessories is not just for its incredible, out-of-the-box design. They are built to withstand the nastiest abuses amidst sand, dirt and mud yet take just a wipe and a rub to be back into its… Read More »

Wedding Rings

Yellow gold wedding rings How you celebrate the marriage, comes always down to give each other the wedding rings during ceremony. They are the seal of your marriage vows and remind you every day to what you have so solemnly promised each other. Wedding rings are today available in many varieties. There is a wide… Read More »

Pearl And Astrology

Astrological Recommendation of Pearl Astrology recommends gemstones on the basis of situation of planets in a person's birth chart. The heavenly body that governs pearl is the Moon while Cancer is the sign for pearl in Zodiac. Moon is considered as a luminary in horoscopes and believed to be influential on watery masses, heart, and… Read More »

Round Cut Diamond Guide

People of the modern world, prefer buying ring of certified quality. This ensures the description of the stone and quality as well. The legal assurance with the certified diamonds increases the market value of the stone piece. Globally, around 75% of the diamonds which are sold are round brilliant cut ring. It is the most… Read More »

Citizen Chronograph AN710254P Men39s Watch

Up for a close look this time is the Citizen Chronograph AN7102-54P Men's Watch in all gold. This watch is not the rugged type; or so with a touch of sophistication, which doesn't make it aesthetically fit into the rugged territories. It's okay for the cantina champions, though. It's a functional and efficient timepiece that… Read More »