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7 Magnificent Ladies Watches That You Love

Women are adorable and beautiful; they love to express their personality through their fashion. They are more inclined to the creative style than to the conventional one. When it comes to showing off their style, uniqueness dominates the list. The fashion industry has also witnessed a change in the trend. Many things that were once… Read More »

TechnoMarine Titanium Reef Collection Chronograph Men39s Watch

This TechnoMarine Titanium Reef Collection Chronograph Men's watch is a stylish and sporty watch that combines exotic materials to precision functionalities to create a fashionable staple for the active man to enjoy. Black carbon and titanium is a rare union at this low a price! Technomarine keeps true to its promise of delivering exceptional timepieces… Read More »

Amber Jewelry Is Attractive With Embodied Insects

Ambers are formed over a long period of time. They are formed by the solidification of the sap that trickles down trees. During the process of trickling, it comes across several objects such as insects, feathers, plants, etc. These items get included in the amber and add to the attraction of it. These are fossilized… Read More »

GIA Certificates Tells You All You Need To Know

Wedding engagement is one of the most important days for all of us. For most of us, it is once in a lifetime ceremony as well. The most important thing to consider for this day would surely be the engagement ring. Buying a loose diamond, rather than buying a whole ring from a reputed jeweler,… Read More »

The Right Idea About Magnetic Jewelry

It widely believed that magnets have the healing power to deal with a lot of common disorders such as anxiousness and inflammation. If you would want to try this form of alternative therapy then having jewelry with magnetic properties is the best way to have magnets on your body without having to look odd. Thanks… Read More »

New Islamic Silver Jewellery Designs For Upcoming Wedding Season

Jewelry, all through the rich history and even before Islam, has assumed an important part in distinguishing social classes. Earlier rulers of various dynasty and exclusive class wanted to show their riches and influence by wearing elaborate jewelry items with valuable stones and intricate designs. In any case, the jewelry pieces were heavy and adorned… Read More »

How To Identify Original Darryl Becenti Work

Darryl Becenti, learned to create fine silver jewelry from his famous brothers-in-law, David and Leroy Reeves. His artistry and creativity does not end with jewelry, as he is also well known for his sand paintings. Darryl became increasingly famous when he began to create custom pieces for Hollywood elites and some of the best western… Read More »