My Jewelry Collection!

By grouping your current jewelry collection, you will be able to see how much jewelry you have and start to notice similarities relating to the pieces that you possess. Your jewelry may follow a similar style – artistic, modern, contemporary, traditional, or antique. Maybe you will see that you fancy silver to copper, handmade to production, or diamonds to colored gemstones, or other gemstones. Arranging your jewelry in groups makes you more aware of what works and what does not.

Your personal preferences will dictate how you would like to organize your jewelry collection – group by like styles(contemporary, classic, antique), colors, or types of items (rings with rings – bracelets with bracelets). For instance, you might put an antique ring, earrings, and bracelet set together. You might have a designer collection of contemporary pieces in a similar style or color that you desire to keep as a collection.

When trying to coordinate jewelry with an outfit, do you search for similar types? sort out your jewelry in a way that works best for your lifestyle. You can forget about all the rules you have learned about combining fine designer jewelry with fashion jewelry. Most jewelers won’t tell you this, but it’s okay to wear a quality imitation ruby ring with natural ruby earrings, providing they look great together. It’s even okay to wear copper pieces with silver pieces together and to blend colored gemstones together. Two tone metal bracelets, earrings, and necklaces are currently chic.

After grouping your jewelry, take a good, long look…and ask yourself: What items do I wear frequently? What jewelry never gets worn? Why do I wear some things and not others? The answers to these questions might be for practical reasons. For example, you might have pieces that need to be cleaned, or items that should be fixed, and that is why you don’t wear them. Sometimes the motive you don’t wear a piece of jewelry is less rational, but more emotional. An item of jewelry may be connected with a prior relationship. While it once held a very special meaning, it now harks back to unhappy memories and so resides concealed in the bottom of your jewelry case. Move those items out of your jewelry box so they do not negatively influence all the good feelings that your positive jewelry posses.

While your jewelry is out, and you are glancing at all of your impressive pieces, make several lists. First, write down the pieces you have, particularly the ones of value. This forces you to take inventory of those items that ought to kept securely and that might also require insuring in case of loss or theft. Second, make yourself a wish list. Write down all those items you crave you had to go with the items you already have. Store this list in your jewelry armoire as a reminder of what you would like. When you see a picture in a magazine or a piece on your list, clip it out and store it with your wish list. This will help you envision the you desire to purchase.

Creating a wish list forces you to focus your future jewelry buying decisions. That amazing pearl necklace that once belonged to your great-grandmother, but you seldom wear it because you do not have any earrings to match. Building a wish list also makes gift buying easier for your loved ones. Remarking how great your unique citrine cocktail ring would look with a citrine necklace might be just the trick to getting what you want during the next holiday or your birthday. Making a wish list can also help you discover pieces in your collection that can be changed in the future into what you want. Think creatively about which items might gain new life in another form. Contact a talented jewelry designer that designs custom handcrafted jewelry and transform that old piece of jewelry into something stunning.

The most important objective of assessing your jewelry collection is to build a cohesive jewelry ensemble that coordinates easily with any outfit. This guarantees you will have items that correspond to each other rather than a mishmash of items that end up getting lost in the shuffle and taking up valuable space. Once you have re-arranged your jewelry, you are ready to think about your jewelry collection as a whole.

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