JEWELLERY COLLECTION | Basic + Minimalist Pieces

Most people have at least a modest collection of jewelry that they keep at home, whether its nice costume jewelry or more expensive pieces in which they have a small investment. Also, some people have jewelry that simply has sentimental value that they wish to keep safe and handy for use. In any case, storing your jewelry at home is an important consideration in order to keep your personal accessories easily accessible, safe, clean and organized. There are many ways that you can store you jewelry, but here are some of the most popular ways that will fit in nicely with your current home decor theme.


Using a traditional jewelry box has been a common way of taking care of jewelry in the home. There are many boxes designed in various styles, sizes and finishes to match any room. Whether you have a contemporary bedroom or more traditional home decor, there are many boxes for jewelry that will blend in well. There are also jewelry boxes and women or men that provide excellent organizational storage for watches, rings, necklaces, cuff links and more.


Jewelry armoires have been around for centuries and probably first made their appearance in France, where the first furniture armoire was actually designed. Cabinets for jewelry are smaller than bedroom armoires, yet still generally stand on four legs and offer many different drawers and compartments to accommodate just about any type of jewelry imagineable. Some are quite massive and offer a huge amount of storage space. Others are more dainty and built with a Queen Anne design. There are other popular styles such as mission or contemporary, that make it easy to fit in with any home decor.

Wall mounted cabinets

If you’re concerned about floor space, but need more than a traditional case for your jewelry, there are many types of cabinets that are designed to be mounted on the wall much like a picture frame. They generally have a mirror and can be locked for extra safety. There is plenty of space for most moderately large jewelry collections and wall mounted cabinets provide easy access to jewelry.

If you aren’t sure about what to do with all your jewelry at home, but want to get it organized, there’s no better way than to store your jewelry at home in a fine jewelry cabinet or box designed just for that purpose. You can also lock it away from prying eyes by choosing a cabinet with a locking mechanism for extra security.

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