Cute Diy Earrings! How To Make Wire Jewelry Easily

If your jewelry box is full of dull old uninspiring pieces then it is time for a makeover for your collection. Do not worry, it does not matter if you do not have a huge budget as there are many wonderful pieces of costume jewelry available these days at very low cost. And if you have a lot to spend so much the better. You can have fun building up your collection whatever your budget.

1. Look at What You Have

It is important to look at your starting point and find out what you are missing. Get a big piece of dark fabric (an old sheet or towel will do) and lay out all your pieces on it. Maybe you have more than you think and your pieces are just not visible and accessible when you are getting ready in the mornings. In that case you just need to put them on display rather than hiding them away.

2. Get Rid of Clutter

No doubt there are earrings with a missing pair and items with broken clasps or even broken beads hanging around your jewelry box. Time to have a clear out if the items are beyond repair. (You may want to check about getting beads restrung or having a matching earring made if the pieces are precious however).

3. Think About What You Wear

Think of the main types of clothes you wear and your favorite outfits. What is lacking from each of them when it comes to jewelry? Do you have jewelry in a suitable style and color for every set of clothes you wear. If not, these are the obvious gaps in your collection. Remember that style is all important because ethnic pieces are not going to go with formal clothes for the office and a plain chain is going to look a bit dull with your party dress.

4. Add Impact

It is important that whatever you wear has a focal point and one of the great ways to add that is with jewelry. Instead of adding pieces to your collection which will just go with your clothes, add pieces which will enhance your whole look. Each outfit needs just one so there is no need to go overboard. When you are out and about simple look for jewelry which stands out from the crowd and which will make you smile when you wear it. You probably need to look beyond conventional jewelry stores for that. Take a trip to craft fairs or upmarket gift stores to get some unusual choices.

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