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Do you have a jewelry wardrobe that accentuates your personal style and tastes? The jewelry you wear makes a statement about your personality and is also the finishing touch on any outfit you wear. Take a few moments to analyze your current jewelry and determine any gaps you may have. While you don’t have to rush out and purchase new jewelry, knowing what you’re missing will help you make decisions the next time you find yourself at a jewelers counter.

Personal Style

The first step in building a wardrobe is to ask yourself a few questions about your preferences.

* What is your personal style when it comes to wearing jewelry?
* Do you typically wear jewelry any time you leave the house, or is it something you prefer to wear only on special occasions?
* What type of jewelry do you prefer? Do you prefer classic jewelry like platinum and diamonds or do you prefer wearing jewelry that follows the latest trends?
* Do you own any jewelry that you never wear? What kind of jewelry is it? Conversely, which pieces do you wear all the time?

By understanding your own personal style you will better know which kind of jewelry to invest in and which is best avoided in the future.

Making An Adjustment To Your Jewelry Wardrobe

It’s very common to have an uneven jewelry wardrobe. Some women end up with 50 pairs of earrings and only two bracelets. Or to have a dozen necklaces you don’t wear yet long for just one pair of genuine diamond earrings. What to do?

With the precious metals market being off the charts, this is a good time to sell any unwanted gold and silver jewelry. Have you had your eye on a champagne diamond tennis bracelet? Why not sell a few unwanted gold or silver items to pay for it? Some jewelers also have a trade-in policy where you can return items and receive full credit toward upgraded purchases.

Make A Jewelry Wish List

Once you’ve looked at your current jewelry collection, why not make some notes of items you know you’d wear if only you had them. If you’ve noticed that you have a huge stash of sterling silver jewelry that you rarely wear, yet long for a pearl necklace – make a note of it and remind yourself the next time you’re tempted to buy silver that you’re saving up for pearls instead. Jewelry wish lists are also handy around birthdays and holidays – who knows what kind of surprise you may receive.

Jewelry is meant to be worn, not left in a jewelry box. Why not inventory your jewelry collection and decide which direction you’d like to take your jewelry wardrobe?

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