If your jewelry collection runs to diamond tiaras and precious emerald necklaces then keep your jewelry hidden away in the vault at the bank for security reasons but if you are like most of us then you have a collection of less precious earrings, bracelets, rings and necklaces lying around in various boxes that often don’t see the light of day. We forget about them as we get ready at lightning speed. We shoot out the door late for work again and miss adding the little touches to our clothes that would make all the difference to our overall look.

Of course, the best advice is to get your outfit together the night before but how many of us are organized enough to do that? Not many I am sure. If you display your jewelry, the exact items you need to add the perfect finishing touch are more likely to catch your eye as you put on your clothes and you will be reminded each time you see them what you actually have so you are more likely to be able to grab the right jewelry in a hurry.

Before I did this I often used to come across items of costume jewelry I had long ago bought and forgotten about. Sometimes I bought new jewelry when I did not need to. Now everything is to hand whenever I am getting dressed. I have necklaces and bracelets hanging on a rack on the back of the closet door and a my collection of rings and earrings in one of those little compartmentalized tool boxes you can get for screws and nails and things with a see-through lid. (A small fishing tackle box would be good too).

You can get so much more pleasure out of your jewelry by wearing it often and ringing the changes with different pieces too. Since doing this I have been encouraged to add to my collection of colorful costume jewelry. I can see where the gaps are and I know the items will get worn a lot and not just for the occasion I buy them for.

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